A.M.P. Capo Carbonara [EN]

The Protected Marine Area “Capo Carbonara” was established by the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea, with Ministerial Decree of 15 September 1998, then amended in 1999 and replaced in full by the Ministerial Decree of 7 February 2012 (Official Gazette No. 113 of May 16, 2012). The management of the Marine Protected Area is entrusted only to the Municipality of Villasimius. 

  • The Capo Carbonara Marine Protected Area is almost entirely covered by the Site of Community Interest (SIC) established under the Habitats Directive 92/43 / EEC
  • In the Marine Protected Area “Capo Carbonara” we find several Special Protective Zones (SPAs) established under the Birds Directive 79/409 / EEC
  • The Protected Marine Area “Capo Carbonara” has become SPAMI Area (Specially Protected Area of Mediterranean Importance) under the Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea from the Pollution Hazards best known as the Barcelona Convention.

Regulation of areas


In B and C zones is permitted to navigate only in a dislocated position at speeds not exceeding 5 knots within 300 meters of the coast and at speeds not exceeding 10 knots within the sea band of 300 meters and 600 meters away from the coast.

Mooring and Anchorage

Navigation, anchorage and mooring are prohibited in the areas designated as “A” full reserve.

In areas designated as “B”general reserve, “C”partial reserve and “D”experimental reserve it is allowed to anchor in the special structures set up by the operator or in the characteristic bodies of water characterized by sandy bottoms free from Posidonia oceanica, not forbidden for bathing purposes with determination of RAS n. 817 of 10-05-2013.

Sport fishing

Throughout the . Free underwater fishing is prohibited.

In the “A” full reserve zone, professional and sport fishing is prohibited by any means exercised.

In the “B” general reserve area, sport fishing can only be practiced if authorized by the manager (Municipality of Villasimius) and reserved to residents in the municipality of Villasimius.

In the “C” partial reserve  and “D” experimental reserve  area, sport fishing can only be practiced if authorized by the owner (Municipality of Villasimius) and regulated on the basis of the requirements for the protection of the M.P.A., to persons treated as residents of the Municipality of Villasimius (see The requirements to obtaining authorization in the module section).

Throughout the marine protected area is forbidden:

  • Underwater fishing.
  • In the sport fishing, the use of the following tools: combustion, weed, scales, razzaglio, use spears with light sources.
  • IS NOT PERMITTED THE SEA RICH FISHING (Paracentrotus lividus)
  • Use of jet-ski or watercraft and similar means, the practice of Water skiing and similar water sports.

Specifications of areas

Zone A: Integral Reserve – reported by yellow boe

It is allowed:
  • Access to the Management Authority’s staff.
  • Underwater guided tours.
  • Rescue and Surveillance Activities.
It is forbidden:
  • Bathing.
  • Professional fishing, sporting and underwater fishing.
  • The transiting of any type of boats

Zone B: Integral Reserve

Area A activities are allowed.
It is also permitted:
  • Guided tours.
  • Free diving without self-breathing, subject to the authorization of the operator
  • Professional fishing
  • Sport fishing only to residents or equated with them
  • Whale-watching (cetacean observation)
It is forbidden:
  • Free diving with self-breathing apparatus

Zone C: Partial Reserve

Area B activities are allowed.
It is also permitted:
  • Access to pleasure craft.
  • Professional fishing.
  • Free diving with and / or without self-breathing, subject to the authorization of the operator

Area D: Experimental Reserve

Activities in Zone C are allowed.
It is also permitted:
  • Boat navigation not exceeding 20 knots.